Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's like global warming?

Back in the heady days, when I set my blog up, last September to be accurate, one of my first blogs was about the US sub-prime market and its likely impact.

Take a look at,

The birds are now indeed coming home to roost and we are all going to catch the cold. Greed, overspending and misleading business practices is hitting us all, not just the villains this time.

I cannot predict where its all going to end but something tells me it wont be as bad as some suggest. Because we are linked in this global framework, democrats, communists and fascists alike.

Somehow I feel the storm will settle and the feared recession will simply become a bumpy, yet significant correction with no one fully escaping.

In the end, we will all have to pay something. Perhaps this will be justice after all. Some will lose their home and some will just lose money. A bit like global warming?

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